Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Lavender Menace is NOW AVAILABLE

Thirteen short stories of terror, mayhem, and destruction which offer something highly unique in a genre that demands certain characters be only heroes or victims... gay villains! Prose collection with an introduction by Lambda Literary Award winning editor Tom Cardamone. Includes stories by Charles "Zan" Christensen, Damon Shaw, Hal Duncan, Jamie Freeman, Jeffrey Ricker, Lee Thomas, Marshall Moore, Matt Fagan, 'Nathan Burgoine, Rod M. Santos, Stellan Thorne, Steven Bereznai, and Tom Cardamone.

My story "The Meek Shall Inherit" is included in this one.

Content Note:  Although I often write erotica, this anthology is not an erotic collection.

Available now in paperback or kindle format from


  1. Jamie,
    Sometimes we all need to take a step away from what we love to try something new. It always helps me get the juices flowing. Have you written other genres?

    1. I've been taking some time off to rediscover my voice. Nothing much coming out lately, but I'm hopeful.

      I fee like there's more to be written but I guess I'm just not ready yet.