Monday, November 1, 2010

Work in Progress: Erotica with a Twist of Noir.

Working on a short story with a future noir twist.  Here's an excerpt to give you an idea.  This stuff is great fun.  Maybe there's a novel in here somewhere.

I was sitting in the corner of Cholly’s Bar letting the cheap baijiu eat through the lining of my stomach while I watched the trio of skinny go-go boys stumbling through their tired routine on the platform above the bar. Cholly was pushing this expensive dirtside shit he’d just gotten in, but he knew my credit count so he kept pouring his cheapest lunar domestics in my glass. Yeah, Cholly wasn’t gonna drain away my last credits, but he wasn’t gonna let me go home sober either. What a guy.

Darius, the hairy stick of a boy with a strong Greek nose and delicate epicanthic folds danced over to me, giving me a better view of his filthy bare feet and his pharmaceutically powered erection. He danced a slow, sad shimmy that made me want to give him my overcoat and drag his scrawny ass out into the street for a noodle bowl. He must have seen the look in my eyes because he stood up as straight as he could manage, teetered for a minute, and then kicked my half-filled glass of hooch into my lap.
I'm always drifting towards the dark end of the pool...

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