Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Reviews of "Blood Fruit" (QueeredFiction Press)

I came across a couple of nice comments and reviews of Blood Fruit (QueeredFiction Press).

Rainbow Reviews publised a detailed review of the anthology that featured this mention of my story:
"However, the stories that did hit that nerve, and successfully took them with me ~ some of those will be lingering in the back of my mind for a long long time. Deep, to-the-bone, icy-shiver creepers, and a couple of kick-to-the-gut visceral thrillers.

"Jamie Freeman's "Hollow," for example, delivered that fine blend of irresistible revulsion, provoking an actual physical reaction with it's clear-as-ice descriptions, while forcing me to keep turning the pages to see exactly how badly things would work out."
And in another comprehensive review, AlexDraven (Librarything user) described the story as "Brutal horror - Dexter meets Bret Easton Ellis ****."  Four out of five stars and comparison to a personal hero (Bret Easton Ellis) is pretty great.  Thanks Alex.

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