Saturday, August 7, 2010

Excellent review of "Muscle Men" and my story "The Ambivalent Gardener and the State of Grace."

Story Excerpt:
“You know that bitch Nancy has to come out and sit on that damn porch swing every time Jericho sets foot in that yard.”
“Slut,” Wanda hissed.

“Bitch,” Sherie’s voice stretched the word out like a string of summer taffy. Bee-itch. “And why does he have to spend so damn much time out there in the yard anyway? Planting bulbs and pruning the roses and mowing the damn grass? Why doesn’t he just let me get a couple of Mexicans to come do that stuff? Maria’s brother said he’d give us a good price.”

“Maria’s Cuban,” Wanda muttered absently.

“Well, what the hell’s that supposed to mean, Wanda?”

“I don’t know, just that they’re not Mexican, they’re Cuban.”

“Wanda, what difference does it make? You are so dizzy sometimes, I swear and—god, just look at him out there, standing in the middle of the yard in those damn shiny shorts trimming that tree and putting on a muscle show for Nancy. That bitch.”

Wanda stood beside her, shaking her head and jiggling the ice in her glass, watching Jericho stretch his body taut, imagining him standing naked out on the lawn, his enormous body glistening in the sunlight, every muscle tanned and gleaming. He beckoned to her with an outstretched arm and a shiver ran down the length of her back.

“You cold, honey?”

“No, it’s just the ice,” she said, turning away from the window and sitting back at the table. She refilled her tea from the glass pitcher, condensation dripping onto the lace tablecloth.

Muscle Men (Edited by Richard Labonte, Cleis Press)
is available now.
Buy it in Paperback or Kindle format.

I woke up this morning, still not far enough into my first mug of coffee to be completely lucid, to find this great review at Out in Print Queer Book Review.  Read an excerpt from the review by Jerry Wheeler, then check out the whole thing.  (Thanks Jerry.)
...but it’s with Jamie Freeman’s “The Ambivalent Gardener and the State of Grace” where the book really takes off for me.
This marvelous story is a muscle-sex romp as well as a touching coming out story with some interesting girl-girl dialogue between the main character’s wife and her best friend. It not only titillates, but it has great characters and an interesting scenario.

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