Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now Available or Coming Soon from Dreamspinner Press, STARbooks Press, and Cleis Press

Coming May 10, 2010
My story "The Thank You Note" will be included in this anthology.  Necking will be released in ebook formats from Dreamspinner Press.

Available for Pre-Order Now.

"66 Hours in the Devils House" will be included in this 2010 Daily Dose Collection.  A story a day for the entire month of June will be delivered to your Dreamspinner ebookshelf.  Some of the best authors in the industry are writing about summer hauntings and summer lovin'.  Special pricing is in effect for April.  The price will rise May 1 and again in June.

This story will be available in eformat at a later date for individual purchase.

If you're a fan of my story, look for the further adventures of The Five Investigators coming soon from Dreamspinner Press.  Some of the boys' edgier adventures will appear in other anthologies this year including the short story "GingerChakra Pimps a Vid" in Video Boys from STARbooks.  "Bookended by Beauty" (a story written for my dear friend Jonathan) will be appearing Beautiful Boys from Cleis Press.  There are some more stories floating out there with editors, so hopefully I'll have more updates for you on the boys soon.

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