Saturday, February 6, 2010

Working on Edits for Muscle Men (Cleis Press 2010)

I've been working on edits for my story in Muscle Men (Cleis Press edited by Richard Labonte).  Not too much to be done, but it's nice to read through everthing one more time before it's published.  This one is about a hunky former Gator football player who later in life finally gives in to the erotic yearnings that have haunted him all his life.  It's a fun story and, although it's in an erotic anthology (and has some explicit sex), it's stylistically more like my more romantic stories (My Dreamspinner writings, for instance.).  This is one of the stories I have been slowly working into a longer piece, fleshing out the characters and telling the story beyond the borders of the story as it's written today.  You can pre-order this lovely book today and have it appear on your doorstep in early June.  Look for "The Ambivalent Gardener and the State of Grace."

So who's the guy in the jeans?  Nobody in particular, but he reminds me a little of Jericho, the main character in this story.

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