Thursday, April 30, 2009

Romance Writing

I have also been working on some ideas for m/m romance. I am intrigues with the possibilities of formulaic writing and both romance and mystery seem to naturally call to me. I submitted a novelette (about 10,000 words) to Dreamspinner Press ( recently and if things go well, I'd like to branch into some romance genre writing. I've been working on some outlines that could grow to novellas or even novels. I'll keep you posted on this subject. (The painting is of Zeus and Ganymede -- it seemed appropriate to the subject matter.)

Winter Solstice - The White Stag

I have just completed a Winter Solstice for submission to the Holiday Anthology referred to in my last post. It's only about 4400 words, but I was able to put together some solid thematic structure having to do with hope springing from the darkness of the long night. good stuff, I hope. It also has some great sex scenes. I like the fact that despair, hope, and sex are so often intertwined. It's a stretch, perhaps, for a holiday anthology, but I always seem to take the dark road through the woods.