Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Ships That Pass" - Desire and Commitment in Turbulent Seas

I recently received word that one of my stories ("Ships That Pass") will be included in the upcoming anthology I Do Two! (MLR Press, 2010)

Like the first anthology in this series, this collection features stories on the theme of gay marriage. This volume will be a fundraiser for the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund which advocates, educates and fights for the civil rights of the LGBT community and people living with HIV.

My story is a dark, but ultimately hopeful piece. Two gay men, both involved in long term deeply troubled relationships, meet on a lonely evening in the weeks before Christmas. They form an instant connection that grows as they discuss their own lives and relationships. By the end of the night, their attraction has grown into a tangible possibility. The sexual tension shimmers in the cold winter air. Will they leave their problems behind and find a new and more powerful bond together? Or will their evening together inspire them to reconnect with their spouses?

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