Saturday, September 5, 2009

State of the State - "Tobacco Free" Florida

I've been thinking about Sheila Bryant lately. Remember her? In the 1975 original Broadway cast of A Chorus Line she was played by Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore of The Gilmore Girls). She's the cantankerous, slightly older (but still foxy) dancer, who sings "At the Ballet" and at one point asks, "Can the adults smoke?" A simple enough question back then, when even Broadway dancers smoked, but it's becoming harder and harder for Sheila and the adults to find a place to smoke. On November 1, 2009 all of the property surrounding the local academic medical center is going to become "tobacco free." The university stadium will also be completely "tobacco free" this year (augmenting the no-alcohol rule already in place). In 2010 the entire university campus will become permanently "tobacco free." Note the choice of wording. Here in the South, "tobacco free" is code for "put away your cigarettes AND your chewing tobacco." I'm not really much of a smoker or a drinker, but banning such things on the sidewalks outside Emergency Rooms and at major sporting events or concerts seems a little sad. No smoking, no alcohol, stand up straight, no profanity, take this pill, be a good consumer. So I've been thinking about Sheila and her question and how the answer maybe isn't "No." Maybe the answer is "There aren't any adults anymore, Sheila."

Here's a great clip of Kelly as Sheila. This one is from 1983, but the show never really changed much during the run. And Kelly is just fantastic in this part. Sadly she got the Tony, but not the part in the movie.

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