Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Marriage of True Minds: A Ghost Story

I have just completed a novella called The Marriage of True Minds: A Ghost Story.

The story is told in twin narratives (2009, Sarasota Florida) and (1945, St Goarshausen Germany). The image at the top is a view of St Goar (across the Rhine River from St Goarshausen) and Reinfels Castle circa 1930. The image below shows American GIs crossing the Rhine in late March 1945 at the same location, under heavy fire from German troops on the hillsides opposite.

The Teaser:

As Hurricane Rose batters his beachfront Sarasota mansion, Charlie Blanchard settles down with a cold martini, an ill-advised, but cheerily blazing fire, and a score of old musical memories, determined to wait out the storn with only the ghost of his one true love to keep him company. If he ever shows up.

Almost sixty-five years earlier in wartime Germany, Charlie met a young Canadian Captain who, although they spent only a few romantic days together, had captured Charlie's heart and changed him irrevocably. Now, as the storm whirls around him, Charlie must confront the nature of mortality and the immortality of love. Will true love follow him, even to the edge of doom?

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