Saturday, May 9, 2009

Harleys and Battlefield Sex

I just finished a period piece that takes place in 1952 with flashbacks to October 1944 (Aachen, Germany). I'm planning to submit it for a biker anthology. The piece tells the story of a man who develops a fetish for bikers because of a sexual experience he has behind German lines during the war. I don't know much about motorcycles, but I know a bit about WWII, so the Harley Liberator seemed like the perfect motorcycle around which I could build this story. I think it's a pretty strong work. We'll see what the editor thinks. The photos are some of my inspirations on this piece (1) the Harley-Davidson WLA which became known as the Liberator because of the pivotal role it played in the liberation of Europe during WWII, (2) K Rations issued to motorcycle troops stating in 1942, and (3) a hot soldier -- ok, so he's not a WWII era soldier, who cares really. Just imagine him in a leather helmet and olive drab with a lit Chesterfeld hanging from his lips.

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